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IBIT Solutions is a networking solution provider.  We offer full LAN/WAN networking design, implementation, 

and support service. We specialize in network support and troubleshooting.  Our Microsoft trained 

consultants can help you solve your networking, Microsoft exchange, terminal server (including CITRIX), 

and wireless problems.


LAN - Network support is our specialty.  Is your NT network giving you headaches? We will hunt down the 

trouble and stabilize your network.  Are your server(s) having problems?  We will fix them.  We will tune 

your DNS, DHCP, WINS, and any other server components you have.  Does your network run slow? We'll 

find the cause and optimize it.


WAN - Is your Wide Area Network not performing? We look at your routers and your bandwidth utilization 

and determine the bottlenecks.


PC - Are your PCs giving you headaches? We find the trouble and fix it.


WIRELESS - Are you looking to go wireless? We can set it up and secure it for you.


WEB - Need a webmaster.  We can design and create a unique website tailored for your needs.


Microsoft Exchange - E-mail trouble? We'll get to the bottom of it. Our Microsoft trained consultants can 

enable Web Outlook and/or POP3 access. 


Terminal Server (CITRIX) - Are your TSEs giving you a "blue screen"? We will apply our  CITRIX certified 

knowledge to evaluate, optimize, and stabilize your terminal server environment.

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